Joe Dexter

Having CF and living the rock’n’roll lifestyle are two things that you wouldn’t normally associate together. Joe Dexter manages to combine both though as the lead singer and bass guitarist of punk band Orange. In this interview Joe talks us through some of his experiences of life on the road and how he manages to … Continue reading Joe Dexter

Jago Hartland

Leading an active life has helped teenager Jago Hartland manage his CF and minimize its symptoms. He’s had his struggles along the way, including collapsed lungs, but it’s not stopped him from living the life he wants to live. In this article Jago talks, amongst other things, about his exercise regime, the positive effect an … Continue reading Jago Hartland

Aaron Aby

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one of the toughest, most intense combat sports out there. Becoming a fighter is hard, even for the healthiest of people. To become a fighter with CF is hard to comprehend, but that’s just what Aaron Aby has done. His remarkable story can be seen in two excellent short films, … Continue reading Aaron Aby

Dr Jon King

If you’re looking for inspiration to achieve a big life goal, look no further than Dr Jon King. Jon’s made a habit of aiming high and getting results, achieving feats that would test even the healthiest person, let alone someone with all the problems that come with CF. If you want an overview of Jon’s … Continue reading Dr Jon King

Natalie Goodchild

I’m delighted to introduce Natalie Goodchild as CyFi Life’s first guest! Natalie’s website, Natalie Johanna, is a must read site (for anyone with or without CF) dedicated to nutrition and healthy living. She works as a fitness professional and, in her own words, she’s “on a mission to better her body from the inside, out”. … Continue reading Natalie Goodchild